Yvette P.

Relationship Development Officer
Expertise that runs broad and deep is a key component of success, and that’s exactly what Yvette Perez brings to Gellyfish Commercial as Relationship Development Officer.

Yvette’s unique skill set combines empathy, decisiveness, and entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to over a decade of experience as an emergency room nurse, her background also includes positions in the finance and real estate industries as well as ownership of a trucking business.

As an insurance professional, her drive and leadership skills have allowed her to build a solid team of agents across the United States.

Yvette also coaches girls’ basketball and is actively involved with Girls on the Run, an organization that helps young girls develop self-confidence and understand the importance of physical and mental health as they prepare to run a 5K.

A proud mom of four who’s passionate about sports and physical activity, Yvette loves to spend her free time dancing, hiking, traveling, and enjoying the company of friends and family.


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