At Gellyfish Commercial, we understand that every business has unique financing needs. That’s why we offer a diverse range of solutions, including our innovative Hybrid Factoring service.

This flexible financial solution combines the best aspects of traditional factoring and invoice discounting, providing your business with the benefits of both.

What is Hybrid Factoring?

Hybrid Factoring is a bespoke financial solution that allows businesses to maintain control over their sales ledger while also benefiting from the added cash flow provided by factoring.

Since there are no long-term contracts and client concentration is allowed, hybrid factoring offers greater flexibility and control over your finances.

Traditional Factoring vs Hybrid Factoring

Typically higher rates Simplified lower rates
Additional APR No additional APR
Majority of invoices funded are 60 days and under Majority of invoices funded are 120 days and under
Additional fees (wire fees) No additional fees
Rates marked up to cover borrowing costs No need for markups to cover borrowing
Long-term fixed contracts No long-term contracts
Client concentration not allowed Client concentration allowed
Termination penalty applied for early termination of contract as well as insufficient acccount participation No termination penalty
Customer Interaction
Factoring company collects invoices from business customers Business maintains collections responsibility, while payments are processed by the bank
Customers notified of financing program Borrower’s customers unaware of financing arrangement
Financing company owns billing & stamps as their own Business owns billing & modifies remittance address to that of bank
Quarterly financials are audited No quarterly audits
Weekly funding Daily funding

The Benefits of Hybrid Factoring


Improved Cash Flow

Like traditional factoring, Hybrid Factoring allows you to unlock the value of your unpaid invoices immediately. This can significantly improve your business’s cash flow, providing the funds needed for daily operations, growth, or unexpected expenses.

Retain Control

Unlike traditional factoring, Hybrid Factoring allows you to maintain control over your customer relationships. You collect payments from your customers directly, allowing you to manage these crucial relationships on your own terms.


If desired, our Hybrid Factoring can be arranged confidentially. This means your customers won’t know you’re using a factoring service, allowing you to maintain the appearance of managing your own credit control.

Who Can Benefit from Hybrid Factoring?

Hybrid Factoring is a versatile financing solution suitable for businesses in a wide range of industries. It’s especially beneficial for businesses with seasonal cash flow needs or those looking to expand quickly.

Whether your business is a start-up or a well-established enterprise, Hybrid Factoring can provide the flexible funding you need to succeed.

Find the Hybrid Factoring Lending Solution that Works for You

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